Sunday, 14 July 2013

London Wishlist

Hello! There has been abit of a gap between posts, that is because despite the end of the exam season I still seem to be busy :(

In just over a month Harriet and I are heading down to London, I've started saving for it now I've paid my parents back and myself (don't ask!). There are 2 reasons I go to London 1.Seeing a musical 2. Shopping! We are planning to do both here are a few things I have my eye on!

3. Katy Tee 
4. Addison Leggings

1. Harriet has been raving about Gilly Hicks for about a year now, and its about time I went! I think these are totally hilarious, and they're an essential item of clothing!

2. Victoria's Secret is raved about on youtube by americans, and since there's now a UK store I want to get my hands on something!

3. + 4. I here a lot about Monki from Londoners, I always really like what they get. Tee's and Leggings are basically my favourite thing, so these would slot in to my wardrobe rather nicely!

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