Sunday, 2 September 2012

Summer Holiday

(11 days till my birthday, I'm not counting :))

(Too cute found him buried in the garden)

(Cromer Pier)

This has been quite a weird holiday, because at the start I knew I had the pressures of year 13 at school coming up. With Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Studies, I think petrified covered how I was feeling. Now as people who know me, will know Science isn't my thing, I'm a theatre girl. So I have done something radical, I'm moving school, I'm starting year 12 again, AND I'm taking theatre related subjects. - As much as my family thinks that I am doing this becasue I don't want to grow up, it is merely one of the by-products of going back a year! #delaying adulthood

Also the weather has been crap varied. Lovely hot sunny weather one day, the next miserble and rainy!! The first spell of hot weather, I could not enjoy, as I was at dance summer school covered in sweat (nice). But the few other spells we've had I have enjoyed at the beach with my mummy, or hanging out with friends.

Now the holiday is over I now have the prospect of TWO more years at school!! aahh


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