Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wishlist #5 Bags!!

4. The Pastel  - Lilac
Right, another wishlist!

1. Can I just say this? I freakin' love Cath Kidston, is this clear!! My Cath Kidston collection is slowly growing I have a couple of bags and other bits and bobs. The main thing stopping the obsession is a lack of funds, which in the long run is probably a good thing?!? Anyway about the bag, as with 99.999999999% of Cath Kidston bags the print is gorgeous, with it being a darker colour than some of their bags it is perfect for the upcoming winter months.

2. A couple of years ago a ruck sack was a no no, and should have never been seen, unless you were on a D of E expedition! I remember when I started high school I was mortified lugging my rucksack to and from school. But now they are making a come back in style, and I have made a total U-turn on my opinion of them, AND I actually like them - well as long as they are cute like this one.

3. I have never owned a tan hand bag, and have been looking round the internet, browsing many sites trying to find one, and to be honest I'm not impressed by the selection. In my opinion this is the best of bunch. Can you guys suggest anything better??

4. Just take a second to look at this ah-mazing bag ... Yes I think my heart just skipped a beat!! This is from the Cambridge Satchel Company, depending on the size of the satchel they cost from £105 to £115. This is definitely an investment. But if you are canny you can get a good quality look a like, or an actual on Ebay, for a percentage of the price. A couple of years back I got a red one for about £25, and well I love it.

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