Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wishlist #7 Coats

1. This is your classic green parka coat and there are loads out there at the moment from Primark to high end. This specimen is from ASOS, I have never really bought anything from there before as I like to try things on first -  maybe this could be a first?!
2. Topshop, what would a wishlist be without it?? I really like this coat and the plus its petite, so it won't look like a kid dressing up in their parents clothes. No more rolling up sleeves. Quite often I find shops either don't have a petite section or they are abit short on clothes (unintended pun there), which is totally unfair!!
3.I have wanted a faux fur coat for ages, especially when Harriet got one, I was very jealous and sang the creulla d'evil song whenever she wore it, but secretly I was jealous. However I am very nervous about how theatrical I would look :/.
4.Quilted Jackets have been all over the place but mainly like this one which doesn't suit me, now I am glad they have been bothered to give them shape and structure, so if I were to get one I wouldn't look like a box!!

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