Monday, 18 May 2015

May Fitness Update

Hello! Its roughly a month since I last posted my first fitness type post 'Fitness begins now', so I thought I was a due an update... not sure if this is actually interesting to anyone.

I kept up with my routine which was Gym 3 times a week and yoga on the off days. I'd say a month later I have kept to that. So a pat on the back for myself. However in the next 4 weeks I really want to be able to include some kind of class, just so I don't get bogged down in doing the same thing all the time. Over the last 4 weeks I have used the bus significantly less to get to work and have been using the ole bike or just simply walking.

I have two videos that I have specifically enjoyed following on YouTube. The first being the 'I really like you squat challenge' from Blogilates, as the ole legs is somewhere I am focussing on ATM. This is short, and is good worked in with other videos to have your own personalised session. Secondly is the 'Sweaty Betty barreASANA' workout. I'm going to write my thoughts after completion, brb, right I'm back! This obviously a longer workout and I'd say it covers all areas of the body. I'm not going to say I find this easy, in fact, I find it near impossible, especially the first part of the video I have to take breaks. 

Linking on nicely, I have some fitness purchases from Tiger. Since I have been liking the ole Yoga I decided it was time to get a Yoga Mat £15 and a Yoga Block £2. Yoga equipment can get pretty pricey, so this is a good deal I'd say. Doing yoga on my carpet is okay, but I have the fear of carpet burns and I couldn't say no to the pretty colours!

One final note, each month I am going to try 1 new healthy recipe, hopefully soon you will be seeing a post on Sweet Potato Brownies, which I am equally nervous and excited about!

Thanks for popping by!


  1. Wow are those Yoga pieces in the Norwich Tiger? I'd love to get myself one of the blocks!

    Christie x