Monday, 25 May 2015

Top 3 Summer Lipsticks

Hello! June is next week and that is summer. Personally for me I have some lip colours which I'll wear all year round such as MAC Soar and Russian Red and others which I tend to wear in particular seasons. So my picks for summer.

Number 1. Topshop Ohh La La
This has been re-released as part of their 5 years of Topshop Make Up collection but I bought mine way back when it was first out and I bring it out each summer. For me personally this is best patted into the lips, as a more muted look, other wise you'd really have to build the colour up and in summer this would just melt.

Number 2. MAC Candy Yum Yum
Despite MAC lipsticks costing £15 I am a MAC lipstick gal, nothing in Boots/Superdrug excites me the way a MAC lipstick does. I did a review on Candy Yum Yum, here. This is such a bright and eye catching colour, wear with a simple outfit and let your lips do the talking.

Number 3. Topshop Rio Rio
There is nothing more classic than a red lip, but for summer I find no matter how much (or little) tan you have, a red with an orange undertone really helps to bring that out, even if it is a dusting of bronzer. I love this colour especially as you can see it really contrasts with the blue of my eye, bring that colour out.

Looking at my top 3, I appear to like lipsticks with a bit of repetition in the name, but only for summer, intriguing.

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