Thursday, 7 May 2015

May Wishlist | Festival Edition

Hello! It's May and that means, Big Weekend wooooooooo! Yes that woo required that many 'o's. This will not surprise anyone who knows me but I've never been to a festival, nor do I really attend gigs and what not < see I say and what not. Case closed. I do however need something to wear on the 24th of May, so cue ASOS browsing.

1. Elephant Shorts
2. Rain Mac
3. Mixed Print Jogger
4. Crochet Back Top

1. I'm not going to lie, I despise my legs, so I avoid wearing Denim shorts as I feel they really constrict me, and make me feel VERY self conscious. If I am to wear shorts they must be either very soft or loose, which these look like they might be. Plus they have elephants on them, so thats cool.
2. I am under no elusion that this is Coachella, so baring that in mind I did browse some Rain Macs, but most of them are very expensive, until I found this beauty on Missguided at a more pleasing price of £40. Still not sure I will invest, can a blonde wear yellow?
3. Fun printed joggers are going to be my thing this spring/summer and how freaking fun are these? I keep looking at these, just typing this.
4. I am aware I have plenty of white/cream tops, but ignore that. This would be so nice to wear when I do a plaited up do of some kind, that is my thought with this one.

Thanks for popping by?

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  1. Nice outfits. I am working the big weekender so don't get to choose what I wear, but loving the inspiration!

    Christie x