Saturday, 1 June 2013

*June Wishlist*

Hello! I think I should stop doing wishlist posts they make the months come around really quickly! However I really enjoy posting them, and then seeing if I get anything of them in the future. Today is my dance show, so I have scheduled this ahead of time, as I have to get to the theatre at 9am, then I'll leave ALOT later in the evening!!

1. This is an inspiration from sunbeamsjess who has a youtube channel, I love her style, I'm not sure I could pull some of what she wears off, but I'd defiantly like to have a maxi cardigan, I think there jsut so chic and quite quirky all at once!

2. What can I say?! This is just so cute.

3. I have just discovered Romwe, I keep on browsing the website and I really want to make an order, but I'm just not sure of sizing etc. But I love this top, I think it is quite urban outfitters, and no-one I know would have it hehe - bane of my life when people own the same clothes as me!!

4. I've been around the blogosphere for a little while, and I keep hearing good things about Caudalie and a set like this is an ideal way to try a selection of their products without spending a fortune.

Thank you for reading lovely people!


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  1. Love the caudalie set! I've wanted to try their beauty elixir for a while now. I really like when you can try a few miniatures before committing to purchasing the full size version:)
    & how cute is that dinosaur top?! I neeeeeeed it!