Sunday, 23 June 2013

30 Day Snap #20,21, 22 and 23!!

Hello, okay so this isn't going so well :/ my bad

Day 20
prada sunnies, alas not mine
Woah was this a day. So I started off at school in the morning, went round my friend's house, went to the pub, then decided that we should go out on the town for end of exams celebrations. Let just say I felt it in the morning when I went into school the next day!

Day 21
The day after the night before. I struggled out of bed and headed to school, only then to discover in performance studies we were writing monologues I nearly died :L following this I had a singing lesson, and rushed off to work expecting a 6ish hour shift only to find they didn't need me, such a piss take!

Day 22
my camp for the day
Finally a much calmer day, relaxing at home. Bliss.

Day 23
Nails in Topshop Celestial and Barry M Berry
Another chilled day at home, minus the early morning gym trip, my nan came round and the highlight painting my nails.
Thanks for popping by!
I'm stuck for ideas at the moment let me know if you have any suggestions :)

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