Thursday, 13 June 2013

30 Day Snap #10, 11, 12 AND 13

Hello! Woops I have gotten a bit behind :s

Day 10
A fail of day, aimed to homework, didn't do homework!

Day 11
The Higher Education Convention, turns out its quite difficult to do a course at university in musical theatre! But I still came away with some prospectuses.

Day 12

At school it was futures day, bit of ucas this and that. Then I came home to complete the homework I had been putting off with my ever helpful assistant.

Day 13

I had school this morning, tried to wing a presentation forgot a whole page of notes, that failed. Now onto this piece of homework boo.

Thanks for popping by, this returning to school thing has been a shock to the system!

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  1. My friend has just graduated from Roehampton and she did Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies - she loved it, every second! I went to visit her, and the campus is on such a beautiful site! Grr, I'd go there myself if they did a suitable course for me ^___^

    Your blog is wonderful! I'll give you a follow on BlogLovin'!

    Chlo |