Saturday, 5 March 2016

Healthy Coco Pops

Hello! I'm not sure coco pops are too bad for you, but 11g of sugar per 30g serving can't be that great for you. I won't beat about the bush, these aren't too much like coco pops but still very yummy. This would also be the perfect breakfast for Easter Sunday!

For this you need 2 ingredients.
1. Porridge Oats (Great source of fibre and will slowly release energy throughout the day)
2. Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (Surprisingly healthy, still got sugar, but has vitamins and other stuff)

Simply the night before, put some oats in a bowl then cover with the almond milk. Put in the fridge overnight, and eat in the morning. I had it just as it was, sometimes I chop up a banana, sprinkle goji berries, strawberries and raspberries would also be amazing. Pretty much desert for breakfast #goals.

Thanks for popping by!

You can see it in irl, in my 'What I Eat in a Day'. #foodinspo
I'm really going now :)

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