Monday, 21 March 2016

Carrot cake | Easter Baking #1

Hello and welcome to the start of Easter baking week! I will be uploading 3 recipes today Monday, then 1 on Wednesday and my final one on Saturday. I love baking and all excuses to have a celebration. In the 21st century more people, especially young people think of the Easter Bunny before they think about Jesus. I could be wrong, but hey I made a Carrot cake, so you're gonna have to go with me and my unresearched statistic. Each bake will have pictures for each step of the way, and I think will be more interesting than one of those easter nest cake things.

155ml sunflower oil
250g self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder
2tsp ground cinnamon
1tsp mixed spice
1tsp ground ginger
230g light brown muscovado sugar
2 tsp orange juice
100g pecans
260g grated carrots
3 eggs


*Set oven to 180°C or 160°C Fan and grease and line an 18cm cake tin*

1.Mix together flour, spice and baking powder
2. Add in sugar
3. Add pecans and grated carrot
4. Mix together
5. Separately beat eggs
6. Add eggs and orange juice to dry ingredients and combine.

7. Put into lined tin and bake for 1 hour, ensuring a skewer comes out clean.


50g soft butter
200g soft/cream cheese
100g icing sugar
2 tsp orange juice
2 tsp orange food colouring (Optional)


 1. Mix together softened butter and cheese
 2a. Mix in the icing sugar until combined.
 2b. If you want to, separate some of the icing and mix in the food colouring.

3. Decorate cake as you please! I liked adding in the orange as it reminded my of the creme egg filling, extra easter points right there!

Thanks for popping by!

*Paul Hollywood recipe

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