Monday, 7 September 2015

Reverse Hair Washing

Hello! So this hasn't been a huge thing around, but its been noticeable and if you know me I hate washing my hair so I will do anything to avoid it, so I thought I would give 'Reverse Hair Washing' a go.

The obvious part: you condition first then shampoo.

To be truthfully honest with you, I'm not a fan. Thinking about it, this isn't a surprise due to my hair type. My scalp isn't naturally oily and I have dry. frizzy, thick hair (nice). The principle behind it essentially is to make sure the conditioner is thoroughly washed out of your hair, which it does do. However with the nature of my hair its kind of nice to have a tiny bit of conditioner left in (despite being thorough with washing it out) because my hair just needs some richness.

However if you wash your hair pretty much everyday, this could be perfect for you, providing you want to wash your hair less.

In conclusion, if your hair can be left a long time without washing, this isn't for you. If you do wash hair on a regular basis, try this next time, it just might be what you're looking for!

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