Thursday, 3 September 2015

Spiced Apple Tray Bake (Mary Berry) | Recipe

Hello! we've crept into September and... its my birthday month, the start of Autumn, my favourite season. Roundabout now Apples are in season, so this is the best time to make anything with apples in. Here is a recipe for a delicious Apple Tray Bake, from 'Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect'.

225g butter (soft)
550g cooking apples (fairly thinly sliced)
juice of 1 lemon
225g muscovado sugar
300g self raising flour
2tsp baking powder
1tsp Ground Cinnamon (you can use however much you like to taste)
4 large eggs
1tbsp milk
Icing Sugar to dust

Preheat Oven to fan1960/360F/Gas 4.
Line and grease a 30x23cm fairly deep tin.
Cover sliced apples in lemon juice to preserve them and add more flavour.
Whisk together the 'cakey' ingredients for about 2 minutes.
Pour half the mixture into the prepared tin. Place half the apples on top. Repeat.
Bake for 40 minutes.
Leave to cool for 10 minutes.
Turn out cake onto a cooling rack.
Once cool dust with icing sugar and cut into pieces.

You can see some footage of my baking them in the vlog, here.

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  1. oh man, these look amazing! i'm awful with baking, i bake something and have to eat it all within two days xoxo