Thursday, 7 March 2013

I Loooooove Coral!

Hello guys! You may have guessed what this post is about, and no not the sort you find on coral reefs! Tis indeed about the colour!

First here is my collection of coral coloured things!

Fearne Nail Polish, Lipstick Topshop

Vest Primark, Skirt and Jeans Topshop, Sweater Forever 21

Tibbles Cat Protection NOT CORAL!
Thought I'd throw this in as you can see him in the previous picture!

How I style Look 1

I think this looks so cute together, it isn't too heavy on the coral front and I love the contrasting textures! The outfit looks spring like, whilst still be warm enough for the struggling temperatures.

I will style another look in another post very soon, hope you enjoyed this one!!



  1. its a lovely shade:) you are so beautiful:)

    1. ahh thank you, that is such a kind comment :) x

  2. your skirt is cute!
    lovely outfit :)

    more like this please, I love your style!
    UK High Street Fashion

  3. can u teach me to do my hair like that you know what i am like :P you look goregous as always! xxx