Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wishlist #16

It's less than a month till Christmas. Here are my top picks of the lush Christmas collection woo!
1. 'Those great Christmas traditions of sun, surf and Santa! - A sunny citrus body scrub with hints of floral, to perk up winter skin or get summer skin swimming suit ready.' Is what lush says and to be honest I'm up for it.
2+3. Are both Bubble Bars, which for bathtime products are defiantly better value for money than bath ballistics as these can be used more than once. They are both super cute, been featured in many haul videos on youtube, and are enjoyed by many people.
4. I got my first lush soap for my birthday, and since having it I have had complements for my hands smelling nice which I thought was a tad unusual.  Anywhoo when it runs out I would love to try this one!!
Are you a lush fan like me? Or do you think it's abit of a con and overpriced??If you like this, please remember to click the follow button on the right!!


  1. Love Lush I really need to get a bubble beard :)
    Daniella x


    1. The Bubble beards definitely look awesome!