Sunday, 25 November 2012

NOTD number 5

Oh man, I wish these pictures had come out better, but that's artificial light for you!! I mentioned this a couple of posts back, take a look here. This is nails inc's St James, which is like a London bus red, it is such a good quality nail polish, really opaque and didn't really need more than one coat. However I got this with Glamour magazine so it only cost me £2, but actually retails for £11 in Boots, if you are prepared to pay this price, it would probably be worth it. Personally I'd go for something cheaper, such as Barry M and use another coat!!

What's the maximum price you'd pay for a nail polish??



  1. The most I have paid for a nail polish is £12 for Chanel. I have ever tried Nails Inc before though, this colour looks great!


    1. I'd love to have a Chanel Nail Polish, or Chanel anything, just not sure about the pricing!! I know I absolutely love this colour :)