Saturday, 11 March 2017

Bloom by Estee Lalonde |Review | Women's Week

Estee was the first person I subscribed to on YouTube and I have been religiously watching since I was 17.

I will admit when I first heard she was writing a book my response was '*groan* not another YouTuber Book'. My opinion changed. Estee was so open about writing the book, I loved the reason behind it, so I bought it, for myself for Christmas.

Lets talk about the aesthetic of tis book. It is easily the most gorgeous book on my shelf! I love the gold foil title on the spine of the book, the contrast of texture on the cover. The page edges of pastel. Photography throughout is stunning. From the aesthetics alone you can see this is a thoroughly thought out endeavour.

Estee does share things which she hasn't mentioned online, such as her difficult relationship with food growing up. Subjects like 'binge eating' and starving yourself because of outside pressure, need to be talked about. Its so important for people to hear about this to know they are not alone, and they can get through difficult times in their lives.

For me I most related to her school experience, feeling like an outsider never quite fitting into any groups. It doesn't mean your a bad person or weird, especially seeing how popular Estee is amongst everyone in the YouTube and blogging community.

My favourite chapter was Travel. I'm just at the start of the stage in my life where travelling is a viable option, it made me want to see the world, whilst Estee shared her favourite things about the country she has visited.

This book is literally suitable for any age group from teens and up, whether your reflecting on an age or your are living it. 

Bloom was truly a delight to read and when I have a coffee table, it will proudly be place on it for all to see.


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