Saturday, 6 May 2017

Why you should care about politics

Hi, are you in the 18-25 age group? This one is for you.

My friend recently said when she saw me sharing tweets and statuses about the general election, it was something a 40 year old would write. Implying that it is uncool to care about politics.

My argument is, our age group is going to be more effected by decisions made by Government than older people. Politics effects EVERY aspect of our lives. 

Are you moaning about the NHS long waiting times, not high quality enough? POLITICS

Did you feel like you didn't learn enough or well enough at school? POLITICS


Tax avoidance from large multi-national companies? POLITICS

Feel like the minimum wage, isn't enough to live on? POLITICS

Equality, whether thats for women, LGBT or BAME? POLITICS

Our age group is proven to be more Liberal than the older generations. However if we're not voting it will be the older generations who get to decide who is in place to run our country and decide how "hard" or "soft" Brexit will be, they are generally more conservative. A majority of older voters, voted for a government who made University Tuition Fees ridiculously high. The same government who some people would argue is ruining the NHS by underfunding it.

So why should you care about Politics? Because its effects your future, and your children's future.

I am not saying you should vote for the Labour Party, but for me personally they are the party who match my world views and genuinely seem to care about the UK population. People like Jeremy Corbyn and Clive Lewis, aren't playing the political game, they want to make positive changes to improve the lives of people in the UK.

That's my bit said.

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