Saturday, 11 February 2017

Current Favourites

Welcome to my first favourites of 2017

My Scrap book
I spoke about my scrap book in my last post. I had two weeks off work because I needed to take some annual leave. For my days at home I needed something to keep me occupied, so I decided to finally combine all my theatre tickets, photos and posters all in one place to look through. I enjoyed the process way more than I thought I would.

LaLa Land
La La Land had been hugely hyped up, AND its a musical. Those two things meant I had to see it. I still have City of Stars in my head. I loved the dancing, the music, it was shot so beautifully. It deserves all its nominations, for literally all the awards ever.

La Cage Aux Folles
I had been looking forward to this coming to Norwich Theatre Royal since it was announced! I'm going to put it out there the plot line is a little bumpy. However this is in my favourites because of John Partridge and his portrayal of Albin/Zaza. It was as if the role was made for him and he was literally having the time of his life, despite the fact it was a Wednesday Matinee when I saw the show!! Oh and because I work at the Theatre, myself and the other usher's on a double got to have pizza with cast between shows on the Saturday.

Half a Sixpence
Half a Sixpence was my mum's Christmas present, admittedly I really wanted to see it... potentially thats why its extremely closely link to why she received the present. I went in not knowing anything, apart from at one point the cast would sing Crash, Bang, Wallop! My expectations were pretty high with the book by Julian Fellows (Downton creator) and music from the song writing duo Drewe and Stiles, I wasn't disappointed at all! In fact it exceeded expectations. The understudy for the leading role Arthur Kipp gave an absolutely outstanding performance. The whole cast was super slick and the audience were on there feet at the end. Even I was and I'm super picky about giving a standing ovation.

Pink Velvet Track suit
Loren and I went to the Missguided store in Westfield's, I literally felt like I was being followed around by the track suit. After it's persistence I resolved to try it on. I think then and there it became one of my new favourite items in my wardrobe. It quickly became a loungewear staple. Not sure if I will wear it all together out and about. I feel like a Kardashian when I wear it, so in my mind thats not a bad thing at all. 

I haven't had a new youtube channel discovery for a long while, granted Lucy has been on YouTube for a  long ole while and I am sad it took me this long to find her. I like all the topics she talks about and that she isn't trying to be squeaky clean. Its like talking to a friend - except she is doing all the talking. She also does covers, has great hair (please may I have) and I like her glasses.

Favourite Picture
This is from the say I went to watch Half a Sixpence in London, and I randomly stumbled accross Carrie in the street. I had to go up and say hi after seeing her in Les Miserables and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.What a completely lovely human she is.

Thanks for popping by!

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