Wednesday, 22 June 2016

No Longer Eating Meat?!

Hello, today I am talking about a major change in my life. I have decided to become Pescatarian. Basically that means I have stopped eating meat, including my beloved Pigs in Blankets. Shock horror I know.

All my life I have been a big meat eater, one of my death row meals would've been a nice juicy burger, most possibly containing bacon, or bacon and maple syrup pancakes.

Becoming pescatarian is something I've been contemplating, becoming vegetarian or vegan right now isn't viable for me currently. If circumstances change and its something I want to do, then it may well happen.

So why all of a sudden have I decided this? To be honest, last Sunday I was cutting into my pork chop at lunch time and it just felt wrong, an action I no longer wanted to do. Stopping eating meat has always been on the horizon since approx 10 year old me banned the eating of lamb following a visit to Wroxham barns.

Another decision I've made is to be more conscious about the beauty products I use. From now on I will do my absolute best to use cruelty free beauty products. After all what is the point in testing products on animals if we're going to use them anyway. Animal testing is a huge problem, I don't want my personal vanity to make another beings life a misery. Here is a useful link if you want to follow suit.

I hope to be uploading a vegetarian What I Eat in a Day fairly soon on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for popping by!

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