Saturday, 11 June 2016

June Fitness Update

Hello everyone. I think I am literally the worst person continuity wise with any kind of fitness routine. Between late February and mid April I had stopped exercising and was eating more. I saw myself in Tess' hen do pictures I was tagged in on Facebook and I couldn't bare the sight of myself. A mixture of that and watching the London Marathon (in London) gave a massive kick up the arse. A massive kick.

For about the last month I have been going to the gym twice a week. Once for cardio where I try and test out how much I can sweat. Secondly for strength where I do a mixture of floor weight free exercises and then on the machines.

I also try to go on Two runs a week (I use the word run loosely). I'm working towards being able to run at a semi decent pace a 10K at some point next year. I am doing a shorter 2K and a (slightly) longer run of around 3K, which I will slowly increase, some weeks doing an extra if I feel like it. For runs I use the Nike Running App which I couldn't recommend highly enough.

Those are my 'hardcore' days. On off days I try to go for a walk or have a yoga session just in my room. Or if I go into town I will cycle, exercising and saving money. A combination I like a lot.

That is what I am currently doing. I will like a couple of similar posts, which will prove my inconsistent nature towards working out.

May Fitness Update (from last year)

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