Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June Favourites

Hello, another month is now coming to an end. Just a heads up July is massively busy work wise, so the blog may be slightly neglected, but I am hoping for lots of content come August with my LA trip coming up. Enough of that lets look back at the month of June.

Asos Stripey T-shirt w/ eyes

This is essentially a Lazy Oaf rip off, but hey everywhere is doing it and it was like £9 in the sale. I have been wearing it all of the time, so much in fact that when I wanted to photograph it for this post, it wasn't quite in the state to be doing that. Outfit post coming soon to show you how I style it.

How to get away with Murder

A law/crime series on Netflix, starring Viola Davis with crippling twists and turns, outstanding acting leaves you aching to find out what happens next. Season 1 stops on such a cliff hanger, and I urgently require the appearance of Season 2, PLEASE. Best TV show I've watched this year.

Orange is the New Black - Season 4

Anyone else waited a whole year for season 4 praying it would be better than season 3. This series was significantly more dark and intense then the previous 3. Definitely my favourite yet. Without spoiling the ending, I had to lie in my bed in silence gathering my feelings so I could carry on with life.

Tom O'dell The Wrong Crowd

I cannot stop listening to his, its going to be the soundtrack of my summer. The next time I'm near HMV I'm picking up a CD to have in my cat, thats when you can tell I really like an album. At the moment I think my favourite song is Sparrow, but that changes on a daily basis.

My Favourite Photo

This photo is from the start of June, when we had a spontaneous picnic between shows and the weather was perfect!

Thanks for popping by!

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