Saturday, 4 June 2016

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | Theatre Review

Hello, today I thought I would share my thoughts on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .

On paper the musical had the makings of a great musical. A fabulous cast, classic songs and based on a classic childhood film and a FLYING car. However Chitty the musical left me some what underwhelmed.
Lets start with the positive there were some great ensemble numbers such as the The Bombie Samba. I have to give credit to Boris and Goran the Vulgarian Spies in numbers such as Act English which did make me chuckle.

Nevertheless there were no 'wow' moments, nothing that took my breath away. Whether that was an electric moment between characters, a special effect that made me wonder how they did something or someones voice being outstanding. Instead it was just all very nice and safe.

An example of safeness was Me Ol' Bamboo, billed as a 'big tap number'. Tap can be spectacular, so I was pretty pumped when my mum pointed that out in the programme. There really wasn't a huge amount of tap in it, nor any complicated tap. I just feel more could've been done with that scene. Carractus was trying to hide from an angry customer, I'm sure a hilarious chase scene could've been choreographed.

Don't get me wrong this is a very slick production, its clear to see all the actors are good. This production is perfect for children but unlike other productions aimed at similar demographic there really wasn't much for the "big children" (me) to enjoy.

Looking at other reviews I'm not sure I was watching the same show, maybe the cast had an off day?

Thanks for popping by!

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