Thursday, 19 March 2015

March Haul | Primark, Ebay

March Book: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher Page Number: 207

Hello! My shopping brain seems to be firmly planted in June, despite it being March, so things are definitely catered to warmer weather.

Let's start with Primark

This picture is of two items, the first is a white tank top, its a lovely soft semi sheer material, perfect for hot days. I bought it a couple of sizes to bigger so it would have a loose fit. Then I wanted to wear it with a little crop top underneath. Tank Top £4 Crop Top £1.50

For me this S/S a tassled waist coat situation was high on my list. This would lovely over a cute dress or even just a simple jeans and tee outfit. I'm really excited to style this. £12

I think this might be my favourite Primark purchase, its a GORGEOUS black lace kimono, ahblwvel its so nice. Like the previous item it would be nice to chuck on over a simple outfit, and it will also be gorgeous as a summer evening item. £8

Ebay, I got through phases with Ebay of buying stuff and then nothing at all for ages.

Crochet is plastered all over the high street at the moment, so you know, I kinda had to purchase something. This top is actually really cool, depending on what light you're in, it looks different colours. Its a cream fading into a muted neon yellow type colour. This colour then looks different intensities. Which turned out to be damn difficult to photograph!

I've been wanting an anatomical heart necklace for such a long time, but they can be really expensive. However I found this one on Ebay for 49p!!! yes 49p, the chain is obviously very cheap. At some point I will buy a chain which is nicer, but for now I am very happy.

What do you think of my purchases?

Thanks for popping by!

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