Monday, 16 March 2015

2 Sugar Free Snacks

March Book: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher Page Number: 197

Hello, this post seems ironic since my last post, was basically I failed at giving up Refined Sugar for Lent. Despite my failure, I have had two snacks which I have been loving, one definitely more than the other.

Firstly fruit with yoghurt, this is sugar free greek yoghurt. Strawberries and cream has been one of my favourite things for a long while, but this is a healthier but still tasty version. A few raspberries also chucked in to!

Secondly, my new favourite snack. I actually really crave this, quite badly. Its peanut butter and banana on toast, my Mum has never tried this, or thought to try this - what!!!??? 
Why do I like it so much, I love the consistency as the Peanut Butter melts on the bread fresh from the toaster... which is complimented by the banana. YUM. Doesn't look special but, its a sensory indulgence.

Thanks for popping by!

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