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Hello! Today I am addressing the confidence to wear clothes, which might be uncomfortable mentally.

I wouldn't say I had the most outlandish sense of style, but there are moments when I wear things where people are like "Oh thats DIFFERENT" "WHAT are you wearing?!" but also "I'm not COOL enough to wear that" "How do YOU CONFIDENCE to wear that"

For me I feel there are two issues with the confidence to wear certain types of clothes. Body Confidence and Shyness/thinking you will be judged.

Body Confidence is a massive topic... When I heard one of my closest friend's say 'Oh I can't wear that' to which I reply "Why?" following that I was told 'Some people have fat days, well I'm having a fat month'. Which is entirely ridiculous because she has a fab.u.lous figure. I am not saying I am at one with my body, but I'm not going to let my thighs (which I hate) stop me from wearing my leather coated leigh jeans, no chance.

Shyness/Judging. Firstly Who Cares? Are you going to see that stranger who you don't know, who might've given you that dirty look. They are a stranger you don't know who they are, who cares what they think. For all you know, it might've been one of those awkward I caught you gaze moment *has teleportation been invented yet?!*. If you don't care about if they care, who cares if they care, stop caring they never started. Get my drift?
If you have trouble with friends or family, deal with it as banter. When I did panto, I tried to up the anti in order to get a reaction out of what I was wearing. As they were taking the time to say something, I thought I had better make it worth my while. Who knew a skort could be that controversial? But in all seriousness, if you are bothered, tell them, they will stop if it upsets you.

Enjoy the attention, express yourself.

If you want to be more than a Jeans and T-Shirt person, you can, but only if you want to be.

Thanks for popping by!

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