Monday, 21 July 2014

Not Wearing Makeup - My Thoughts

*warning of unplanned ramble*

Hello, I feel kind of ironic writing this post right now, considering my last post was about Foundation and I do the occasional beauty post- I would never say I was a beauty blogger at all. If I'm honesty I personally wear make up on average 3 days a week sometimes more sometimes less.
I feel that my skin needs to be addressed here, I by no means have the perfect skin I might be 20 in September but my skin is determined to remain teenaged my face has breakouts all over the place, just as I think my skin is clearing up, nope enough eruption appears on my skin. The skin on my face is probably one of my least favourite parts of my body and I am very conscious of it, so much that it has caused my to visit my GP and a GP with a dermatological specialist, but nothing worked for me.

Cue my very naked face post work out and a cleanse so you can see the raw me...
I would consider myself a fairly confident person, and I am lucky enough to not really have any self consciousness issues, maybe due to performing and from that having to have a thicker skin. Wearing make up means my skin is covered,looks clearer and is evened out, for the most part of sixth form I would say I was wearing make up pretty much everyday which boosted confidence. However through a mixture of laziness and impending exams wearing Make Up just didn't seem important at all, so basically I stopped wearing make up all the time, and do you know what it was liberating no one cared, no one commented on how spotty or whatever my skin was. Personally I found more confidence came to me without make up than I was with wearing make up... it was me who was caring not anyone else. I gained confidence and also an extra 10 minutes in bed.
Of course I still wear make up because I love it, especially my lip stick and creating eye looks, but its not something I need to put on everyone. Now when I do bother to do my make up, maybe I am going out or something, I can enjoy putting it on, as now it isn't a chore as it isn't something I feel I NEED to do.
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  1. I don't like wearing a lot of make-up and because of that I'm not good at using it. But still I like to experiment sometimes. You look just great without any make-up on. Great post.