Friday, 6 June 2014

Paolo Nutini 2nd June @UEA LCR

Hello! This is indeed a very exciting blogpost :D In the midst of exam revision on Monday I went to see Paolo Nutini with one of my bestest friends Rosie, it was my first gig and technically Rosie's second, if you can count seeing the sugar babes when you were 11 as a gig?!
Oh My Goodness it was sooooo soo good, the atmosphere was electric, I don't know if this is a stupid thing to day but he just sang with total passion and conviction, his music is just fantastic I really love his new album, but seeing him live was just so much more, THAT MAN IS MADE TO PERFORM LIVE. I thought you may like to hear Rosie's thoughts I have asked her to sum up the gig in three words and have directly copied her message 'phenomenal, outstanding and mind-blowing'
After the gig which was freaking awesome, we were two of about 20 waiting for him outside stage door (is it called that in gigs?!) I was a bit hesitant about waiting to meet him, as on interviews he is a bit vague and unbothered... however he wasn't like that at all he was funny chatty and an all round nice guy. Did I mention Rosie got a lil kiss on thee lips from him, which I think made her life... which she has summed up as 'earth-shattering, surreal and perfect '

Finally we need a quick special mention for his arms which oh my are basically perfection they are muscley with a little bit of vein but not too much that its ugly.

 Hope you enjoyed this post!
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  1. Wow, I'd love to see him!! Hope your exams are going well :) Paige xo | A Paige At A Time