Saturday, 7 December 2013

winter survival guide - clothing and accessories

Hello! Its now winter with the dark nights, the chilly air and Christmas just around the corner! This is going to be a little two parter as you might be able to tell from the title this is clothing and accessories, then next week i'm going to put up a miscellaneous post which will cover things from food to baths :)

Possibly the most important thing a Coat, when you live in the UK or any other colder climate a good warm coat is simply a must. This year I have gone for the Topshop fur pea coat which I have been eyeing up for ages - I think it'll be warm enough!

Now in our romantic view of winter we think of snow lying on the ground, but in reality it rains and it rains. So you simply cannot go without an umbrella. I like to use this umbrella from Fulton which is the same make which the queen uses, when using this I never get very wet and its a lot easier to see where you're going to angle it to protect yourself from heavy rain! Also since it is a birdcage umbrella its not going to go inside out when the pesky wind is blowing.

Now what would winter be without knitwear, lots of cuddly, snuggly jumpers and cardigans!

Winter is the season of cute and warm socks... I have a couple of pairs of slipper socks which keep my feet nice and toasty, and a ton of Topshop socks which don't keep my feet quite as warm but they're so darn cute it would be a crime not to include them!

Thanks for popping by, I hope you enjoyed this post as it was a little different for me!

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