Friday, 6 December 2013

What to get HIM for Christmas

Hello! This is the first part of my gift idea post so I hope you like these! The male part of the population can be quite hard to buy for, here are my suggestions for if you get stuck..

1. A Jumper
I personally love this jumper and I'm not alone considering they're selling well at work. Its enough Christmas jumper but with out going to crazy and in your face. I think any guy would look very dapper in the festive season in this.

2. Touchscreen Gloves
If the guy you are buying for is abit of techie, he probably has a touchscreen phone of some sort, however when you are wearing gloves and trying to use your phone you're gonna be taking them on and off, these gloves are the perfect solution!

3. Portable Phone Charger

Keeping with the phone theme... With newer phones using up battery like nothing else, there is nothing worse than being stuck out and your phone dies, i definitely know this happens to my brother ALL the time. On Amazon this is rated at 4.4 Stars which is pretty damn good.This could be the perfect pratical present (woo alliteration) !

4. Remote Controlled Car

What guy isnt still abit of a child inside still no matter what age they are? I thought this was super cool, as you can control it with your iphone, I know this limited to who you can buy it for, but its just so cool, and I know it would be loved!

5. iTunes Giftcard

If you're really stuck and iTunes giftcard is the way to go, that way they can choose what they want whether it be films, music, apps etc, that way you know they're gonna get something they want!

Thanks for popping by!
I hope this might've helped someone :)


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