Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Faves

Hello! It's the last day of the year wooooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhh, hold on there 2013 where you going? Posts like these are littering the blogosphere and there are loads of videos on youtube so i thought I would share mine :)

I don't usually get obsessed with clothes as I hate being seen too often in a garment of clothing, but everything changed with these two items. The first is my Jack Wills leggings these are just the softest most comfortable thing, I will wear them over jogging bottoms on any comfy chilled day, besides I am just in love with the oxblood/Burgundy (or whatever else you like to call the colour0, definitely my favourite colour this year!

Secondly I have my primark fluffy jumper, which I wear all the time with the above which you can see here. Like the leggings I love how comfy it is, I absolutely love the fluffy texture, its so warm and I love how cream looks with blonde hair, this will remain a favourite of mine well into 2014 i'm sure.

My Beautiful boots, I got these for Christmas last year, they have been worn way more than I expected them to (even though when i was trying to convince my mum to get them for me I was like i'll wear them all the time when I wasnt sure if I would or not) I feel they just elevate any outfit to another level, but I never feel overdressed, they can be dressed up or down, these are 100% my babies.

Dot by Marc Jacobs was my scent this year, i'm not going to try to describe the scent but I do know I love it, it's not overwhelming and I'm gutted it's all used up waah :'(

The Real Techiniques Expert Face Brush
This had been on my wishlist for a while, and when I got it for my birthday I was sooo excited, it has made such a change to my make up, and I'm a happy gal.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette and Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze
This was my first eyeshadow palette marking the beginning of me getting properly into make up I love the variety of eye looks I can create with the different shades. I caved into the hype with the colour tattoo, I love it for lazy days when I want something more than a coat of mascara on my lashes and all so as a base for more dramatic looks for nights out etc.

Topshop nails in Celestial and Awol
2013 was the year I got into blue nail polish, something I didn't expect of myself but I absolutely love them, they are both stand outs and are definitely two of my favourite nail polishes I have been known to wear both for weeks on end and I haven't gotten sick of them, that's and achievement considering how much I usually like to change my nails.

My most popular post this year was my Poly Vinyl post, which featured my vinyl skirt which I got from Topshop which I am super pleased considering I only put the post up 20 days ago and the are 365 days in the year which i just crazy so thank you for looking at it :)

My favourite little series I put up on my blog was 'spring hairstyles'. I love plaiting etc and I feel in spring I just want to have super cute intricate hairstyles.

My favourite Baking post has to be the Spiced Orange cake, phoaaarr that cake was so tasty I highly recommend making it! 

I think thats all for today, tomorrow i'll have a 2013 Highlights post up tomorrow! I hope you have a fabulous night however you're bringing in the New Year. Thanks for popping by see you next year :)


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