Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wishlist #18

I used to do these posts weekly, but after a break from them I think that is too often so am now only going to do them once a month for the time being!

1. Right I know some people are bored of the 'GEEK' t-shirts which are everywhere, BUT I like this top and I think its mildly amusing as my brother always calls me a spoilt brat.

2. These brushes are raved about in reviews, blogs and on youtube. They are reasonably priced, now that I'm getting more into make up, a good set of brushes is a must, and these would get me well on my way!

3. My mum will think, 'you want another perfume, we only just got you one!!', BUT I really really have loved the scent every time I spray it on myself in boots, or Jarrolds, and it isn't to pricey at all compared to some perfumes which are out there.

4. It's not so much the brand, but the colour of the lipstick. I have a just bitten kissable lip balm stain in Crush, I am in love with the colour, and now really want a lipstick in the same colour!!

Sorry that it may be a bit too soon after Christmas this post, but I can't help it!!



  1. I love the Real Technique brushes! So soft and fluffy. (: The lipstick looks really amazing too.



  2. Hey think we need that brat t-shirt each, elo said she almost bought it for christmas for me! :P