Thursday, 3 January 2013


Abit of a haul today, I haven't had one massive shopping spree this is just what I have collected over December.
(some of the photo quality isn't great as I was using my mum's camera today)

First off all this gorgeous ruby red statement necklace from Primark (I believe it is still available), I first fell in love with this necklace from watching FleurdeForce's videos on her beauty and vlog channels, and when I saw it in my local store I just had to pick one up.

 Again from Primark, and another Fleur inspired purchase on her channel she has mentioned Rebecca Minkoff Bags a couple of times, and when I saw this beauty it reminded me of this. I don't think just from looking you could tell this cost me under £10, Bargain!!
 This is a sale purchase woo!! I got the Soap and Glory Bubble Time gift set for £9, I'm not gonna lie initially I was abit pissed off that I had to get the clock, but once I put the included battery in it very quickly became my new bedside table clock as it is so quiet, and does not disturb my sleep at all. The only product I have tried is Smoothie Star,it made my dry skin feel really smooth and moisturised, I liked the smell of it, but it is a tad mild for my liking! (lush addict over here)

These are Topshops Leigh Jeans in Petite, I've been wanting a pair of jeans/jeggings this colour for a while, but I was really hoping to spend less than £38, however after trying a few places you can't really beat Topshop Jeans that easily!!

My Second Topshop purchase, this gorgeous jersey skater skirt again from the petite section. I have been wanting a skirt like this for a while but haven't got one earlier because A)the petite section only had really boring colours, and B) the 'normal' section skirts look like a midi skirt which is a bit too short. So yay for this red one :) 

And lastly are these adorable owl earrings from Accessorize. I know these may not be to everybody's taste but I love them and will wear them with pride. Only £4 as well.

Have you been more successful in the sales?? I would love to know what you guys have bought yourselves :)



  1. Hehe I have that bag in gray :)

  2. You managed to get some good things here! I love Topshop jeans but they are sooo expensive, but totally worth it! The soap and Glory products are one of my favourites!

    Paige xo

    1. I know, I really tried hard to get nice cheaper ones but you can't beat topshop for jeans i don't think!


  3. I'm loving the skirt. It's a gorgeous colour and cut! (: