Friday, 28 December 2012

what i got for christmas

*disclaimer - this is in no way bragging or showing off, but there are lots of these posted around the bloggosphere which I enjoy looking at, so here is mine*

My Main present was Dot by Marc Jacobs (which you may have seen on a wishlist post a while back) eep. I got 3 pairs of Topshop socks ( I have so many pretty socks should I do a collection post??), a couple of random things, a Milky Bar polar bear - was delicious, the jumper which you can see me wearing in my Christmas dinner picture, adorable Bunny Slippers from accessorize ( no more chilly feet), nail polishes in the colours Topshop Celestial and Late Show, Barry M Magnetic Burgundy, Natural Collection Oyster Pink  and Rimmel Rapid Ruby. I also got a few other bits and bobs, and heeled Chelsea boots which will be featured soon!!

So that was my last Festive post - until next year that is!!


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