Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmassy Times :)

Christmas is a perfect opportunity to meet up with people you haven't seen in a while, and that is just what I did on Friday, when we went to the Waffle House for a little Christmas meal :)

Here is some of the amazing food we had...
 (bear in mind I didn't eat all this)

Ham with Cheese Sauce and Mushrooms
'award winning oak smoked ham, layered with Lancashire cheddar cheese sauce and local mushrooms sautéed with shoyu' 

'traditional sauce, cooked with organic beef, Italian tomatoes, fresh herbs and red wine served with your choice of either cheese sauce, grated cheese or parmesan'

Christmas Crumble
'Stewed apples and mincemeat with an almond and glace cherry crumble topping, served with dairy ice cream or fresh cream'

'White chocolate and vanilla seed cheesecake served with a fresh fig compote' But my friend relaced that with chocolate sauce yummy.

The Wafflehouse has restaurants in Norwich and St Albans and I highly recommend you check them out, their food is so scrummy and delicious. I hope my pictures made you feel really hungry when you read this!

Thanks for reading this. Soon to come will be the lovely dress I wore for the occasion.


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